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What is the effect of Termites on Buildings?

It does considerable damage to Wooden items in the building, valuable documents, books, photo albums, currencies, silk saris, electrical junctions, PVC pipelines, cement slabs, and many more. It can cause serious damage to even RCC buildings, even up to 10 floors. It is called as “Underground Army”. It penetrates only inside Earth, Wall and Wooden areas.

What processes are involved in the treatment?

Pre-Construction treatment involves soil poisoning, which can be done from the excavation stage to the flooring stage.

Post-Construction treatment involves the chemical injection method, where holes are drilled in the necessary areas such as flooring and walls of building at regular intervals and filled with chemicals. The process is completed by plastering with white cement.

What type of chemicals are used in the process?

For mosquito, cockroach, ant, houseflies, silverfish, and spider control treatments, we use only WHO certified odorless chemicals.

For cockroach control, we use a specially dedicated bait gel, which will be very effective for six months.

While performing the control treatment are people/inmates allowed to be inside the house?

Yes, people are allowed to be inside the house, as our chemicals are odorless, and do not cause any harm to human beings and pet animals alike.

Will there be any damage to the buildings, while carrying on or after the treatment processes?

During termite control (post-construction), we use only 10mm drills for injecting chemicals, and the holes are properly sealed and plastered with white cement. So there won’t be any damage.

All other treatment processes do not involve any kind of disturbance or damage to the building structure. So there is absolutely no harm to the building, as safety to the building is our prime motto.

Are the services covered by a guarantee?

All our services come with a guarantee. And any site visit or inspection is done free of cost. For any further queries, please feel free to contact us through phone or mail.

I have seen Termite Infestation marks in a single room/part of my house. Is it enough to treat that part alone?

No. Termites penetrate through the ground, and even though the infestation is identified at a single place/room, there is always a very high probability that it has penetrated the ground level of other parts of the House too. So it is advisable and rather safe to carry out Termite treatment for the entire house, than doing it for a single room.

I am building a new house. What is the right time to carry out Termite Control or General Infestation?

The best time to carry out Termite control treatment is, from the excavation stage to the tile layout stage. General Disinfestation can be carried out after finishing the house, or generally after finishing the painting work.

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