Mosquito Control

  • Indoor Control(No smell)
  • Outdoor Control(Garden)

Features of this Control:

  • The world champion insecticide for control of adult mosquito, fly, spider and ants up to 6 months.
  • Special water soluble insecticide formulated specifically for indoor vector and crawling vector control.
  • The low rate required, coupled with quick kill and longer duration of control.
  • Effective against Anophesis mosquito, resistant to DDT, BHC, Malathion etc.,
  • Economical and easy to use without communication.
  • Safe to human being and mammals.
  • Recommended by WHO and NEMP for mosquito and household insects.

Facts About Mosquitoes

Fact 1

Only the Female mosquitoes bite the Human beings and Animals. They live for almost 4 months, while their male counterparts live for just 2 weeks.

Fact 2

Anopheles Mosquitoes cause Malaria, and they bite during the morning and night.

Fact 3

Culex mosquitoes cause Elephantiasis, and bite only in the evening/night.

Fact 4

Aedes mosquitoes are the most notorious, and cause Dengue/ Yellow fever, Brain fever and Chikun Gunya. They are generally active during daytime.

Fact 5

Mosquitoes can be controlled at an early stage, by clearing off stagnant water spots.

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