Rat Control

Methods used to control Rats are:

  • Glue pad system
  • Trap system
  • Poison bait system
  • Fumigation system

Types of Rats:

  • House rats
  • Roof rats
  • Black Mole rats
  • Field rats
  • Norway rats
  • Bandicoots

How to identify Rat infestation?

  • Damages to household products including food, furniture and documents.
  • Presence of rat hair strands, urine and excreta.
  • Unique identifiable sound.

Why Rat Control?

Causes damages like these:

Agricultural: Grain, Crop, Fruits and Vegetables
Structural: Burrowing of Bandicot fire due to short circuits.
Food: Food in storage, clothes and books

Diseases carries:
  • Leptospirosis or Leptospiral jaundice. (Weil’s Disease) due to contamination with urine-Rat 5.5 litres.
    Plague black death – Surat.
  • Solomonellosis – Salmonella -Food poisoning.
  • Rat bit fever – Bacteria Streptobacillus Moniliformis.
  • Richetsial Pox – Richetsia akari
  • Murine Typhus fever – Richetsia typhi
  • Trochnosis – Round morm.

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